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Don't hit the snooze button - hit your mat instead!


A morning yoga practice can be an exhilarating challenge that sets a tone of success both mentally and physically! Come wake up your body, tune into your mind, and find your breath and soothe your soul with Stephanie!


This vinyasa flow-based practice is suitable for all levels, with many modifications to put the intensity in your hands, depending on how you feel based on the day.  This class will help you find foundational strength, freedom of movement and a connection to your breath - which will in turn allow you to feel grounded, energized and inspired for the day ahead of you.


You'll finish by cooling down with a nice stretch & positive affirmations and then warm back up with a complimentary cup of coffee courtesy of Morning Owl Coffee Bar on your way to start your day!


Salute the sun, and open your heart to all the possibilities your day may hold.

Awaken Your Soul: Morning Yoga & Coffee (5/13 @ 8:30am)