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Whether you're a wine connesieur or just starting to wet your beak in the wondeful world of wine, our WINE SWAP Mystery Wine Exchange Sip & Soirée promises delightful discoveries and sparkling conversations with our fabulous flock! 




  • Each person in attendance to the event will bring their favorite bottle of wine (between $15-20 retail) to the event, wrapped in fun gift wrapping paper with a little note taped to it about why they love it, and some clues as to what it could be, without revealing the producer OR varietal of the bottle.


  • As guests arrive, we will put all the wrapped wines on display, so during the mix & mingle portion of the event everyone can read all the little clue cards about the various bottles.


  • Each person will get a complimentary glass of Birdie's Nest Moscato or Sweet Sparkling Red to enjoy, as well as a little WINE CHARM ring to decorate with the provided beads at each table! Our full menu of snacks, shareables, flights & drinks will be available for purchase on the night of the event. 


  • Next, we will have everyone take their seats and our host will have everyone introduce themselves and choose a wine from the wrapped mystery selections on display.  They'll read the clue card aloud, and the group will guess what the wine might be.  The wine will be revealed, and if you're right - you'll win an extra special little prize!  


  • Then, the next person will repeat the fun process until everyone has a new & exciting bottle of wine to go home + try, and lots of new wine-loving FRIENDS!


After our super fun wine swap is over - Everyone will learn about our new & exciting "Meelo's Mystery Box Wine Club" and the monthly subscription options available!


Tickets to this event are just $24.50/pp and include a glass of complimentary Birdie's Nest moscato or sweet red, a customizable wine charm, one bottle of wine from the swap, and exclusive access to join Meelo's Mystery Box Club!  


Limited exclusively to the first 40 guests to sign up, this event is expected to sell out quickly - so be sure to reserve your seats right away!



WINE SWAP | Mystery Wine Exchange Sip & Soirée (7/13 @ 6:30pm)

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  • Q: Do I need reservations?

    A: Yes. Reservations are required to reserve tables at this special event. Valid ID will be required for alcohol consumption, and you must be 21+ to drink.   

    Q: Will I need physical tickets? Why does it say "Pick Up" when I go to check out?

    A:  You don't need any physical tickets - as soon as you complete your purchase you will be added to our in-house guest list that we use for check-in. 

    Q: Do I have to bring anything?

    A: Yes, you MUST bring a gift-wrapped mystery bottle of wine of your choosing to swap with the flock! See event details for further directions!

    Q: What's the refund policy?

    A: No Refunds. Your ticket is valid for the specific date/event for which you purchase. If you are unable to attend the event for any reason - we are not able to issue refunds or transfer your ticket to alternate dates/events. Your ticket is not valid for store credit of any kind. You may transfer your ticket to a friend, just give us a call to let us know of the switch.

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