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Self care is an integral part of living a healthy life that we all need to learn to make more time for! Your body will truly thank you for attending this blissful relaxation session.


Set these 75 minutes aside each week to reduce stress and anxiety while improving both your flexibility and circulation through this beautiful relaxation practice by warm candle & twinkle light.


The stress of your busy week will immediately melt away as you enter our sanctuary filled with illuminating candlelight and soothing music. The calming voice of inspiring instructor Laura Bender will will focus on leading you to connect with your breath, while guiding you through a slow moving flow that allows your body and mind to unwind from your day's activities. 


Yin yoga postures will be held for an extended period to promote opening and release. Through these deep stretches you'll be able to get beyond the muscle tissue, into the connective tissues - the true fascia of the body - peeling away layers of stress, injury, tension and grief that can reside within ourselves.  A deep focus on the breath while stretching will bring a meditative state to your practice, calming both your body and your mind.


A meditative full savasana practice incorporating essential oils will provide the last, wonderfully relaxing touch before we send you home with blessings for a truly restful night sleep.

75-Minute Candlelight Relaxation Yoga (11/14 @ 6pm)

  • *Class is limited to 14 yogis, and is expected to sell out quickly.

    *Tickets are $20/pp, advanced reservations are required, and tickets are non-refundable or transferrable. 

    *Please bring your own mat & practice safe social distancing throughout the event.

    *This class is being held on a Sunday to ensure that it is the most quiet, but Little Birdie Wine Nest will not be open before or after class for purchases. 

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