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Join Laura in our studio lit only by candle and twinkle lights that will surround and envelop you as you're guided gently into a variety of "yin" yoga poses that are still, deep, quiet, and meditative before journeying into a dreamlike state called "yoga nidra" for an extended savasana. 


Throughout class, postures will be held from 3-5 minutes, allowing the effects of gravity to strech and compress the denser tissues of the body - pushing out toxins, pulling in nutrients, while gently tugging on the joints, bones and muscle fasia - allowing us to "unglue" the stickiness that attaches to our connective tissues and provide us a greater range of motion.


The atmosphere of this class will be unhurried, internal and relaxed with a deep focus on the breath while stretching.  We will finish with Laura guiding us into a meditative "yoga nidra" or "yogic sleep" state for a lengthy and blissful savasana, providing a calming and healing touch with essential oils for each yogi. 

75-Minute Yin Relaxation + Yoga Nidra (5/22 @ 7pm)

  • *Class is limited to 13 yogis, and is expected to sell out quickly.

    *Tickets are just $25/pp and include 75 minutes of yoga/meditation. Advanced reservations are required and tickets are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and not valid for store credit of any kind.

    *Please wear comfortable clothing, bring your own mat, water bottle and towel.

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