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  • Murcia, Spain

  • 100% Macabeo, flavored with essences of cinnamon, orange, lime and lemon.
  • Tasting Notes: Begonia is one of the few premium sangrias produced in Spain, and the base wine of ALL of Little Birdie's specialty sangrias! All of its ingredients are natural and of high quality. The fruit flavors come from a natural extraction of the essence of the fruits and spices, so no chemically-induced flavoring is used. Lastly, this sangria is not pasteurized, allowing its flavor to be more apparent and fresh. Most importantly - it comes in 1 liter bottle so there's more for you to enjoy!
  • Pairing Suggestions: Perfect drink for all fun occasions! Enjoy Begonia chilled, mixed with your favorite juice, poured over ice and/or garnished with fruit.

Begonia Premium Sangria

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