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Introducing Birdie's Nest Wine Rub - a premium line of wine infused rubs that are curated by our owner and expert sommelier Robin with wine varietals from across the globe, and carefully selected ingredients from organic family farmers in every jar. 


Our wine rubs are perfect for taking your "grill game" to an expert level, or for adding a touch of whimsical sophistication to a wide variety of dishes.


Mix it into ground meat for burgers or meatballs, rub it onto chicken or fish before grilling or roasting, sprinkle it onto potatoes or veggies for a luxurious complex flavor, use it as a dry rub for slow cooked ribs or brisket, or even add a dash to your next stew for depth of flavor! 


Available in the following infused flavors:


  • Reserve Cabernet
  • Barrel Aged Chardonnay
  • Tawny Port + Coffee


Our commitment to sustainability and small batch production means that you can enjoy our line of all-natural products with peace of mind and feel good vibes.


Join the flock, support a women-owned small business, and taste the flockin' good difference today!

Birdie's Nest Wine Rub

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