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  • Arroyo Secco, Monterey County,  California
  • 90% Picpoul, 10% Grenache Blanc

  • Tasting Notes: The redoubtable "Beeswax Vineyard" has the very singular and coincidental habit of producing white grapes expressing the unique scent of...well, beeswax, alongside more typical white flower and pineapple notes. But while the scent of Picpoul is subtle, one is forcefully struck by the wine's bracing acidity (Picpoul literally translates to "lip stinger") and its unique savoriness from Grenache Blancs adds a unique measure of weightiness.
  • Recommended Pairings: Especially well suited for seafood of all kinds!

Bonny Doon "Beeswax" Picpoul

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