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Experience the feeling of being held, in sound. 


During this incredibly special "Candlelight Sound Bath" experience instructor Steve Turner will guide us through an ancient Mayan process of purification with the help of a sound healing ceremony featuring rich, live tones of crystal singing bowls.


Sound is energy & vibration. These vibrations will allow us to enter into an altered state of consciousness & brainwave function, through which we may experience personal insights, spontaneous healing, & adventures within.


A "Sound Bath" can be an unforgettable experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation and an acceleration of their inward journey. Physical injuries can be healed. Old emotional traumas released. Great insights can be accessed. You feel truly, vibrantly alive...


Class will start with light stretching and breathing techniques, easing into a long Sivasana where we will be fully immersed in the healing sonds of drum, rattle and crystal bowls. Yin yoga poses are still, deep, quiet and meditative - a perfect compliment to our sound bathing. The atmosphere of this class will be unhurried, internal and relaxed, lit only by warm candelight and with a focus on self-exploration and discovery.


Everyone will recieve a good "energetic scrubbing" that leaves them fresh in mind body and soul.  Give yourself the gift of this sacred time to connect to your own personal power.


Class is limited to 10 sound bathers, and is expected to sell out quickly.


Tickets are just $25/pp.  Advanced reservations are required, and tickets are non-refundable. VIP Membership holders can enjoy 10% off by entering the code "VIPFLOCKMEMBER" upon checkout.  If you are not an active VIP member, please do not use this code... we will verify. ;) 


*This class is being held on a Sunday to ensure that it is the most quiet.  Little Birdie Wine Nest will not be open before or after class for purchases. 



Candlelight Sound Bath (8/29 @ 7:00pm)

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