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  • Venice, Italy
  • 100% Prosecco + White Peach Puree
  • Tasting Notes: A sweet and easygoing drink that pleases both the palate and the eyes. The peach Bellini is made with only the best white peach puree, whose smooth texture combines with the sparkle of Prosecco to conceive a joyous cocktail that celebrates life. The Bellini recipe has used the same quality ingredients since its original inception at Harry's Bar in London in 1948. The Prosecco and peach puree complete each harmoniously, no other aromas or flavors required.
  • Pairing Suggestions: A timeless cocktail for any occasion. The Bellini is, however, tightly tied to the Italian tradition of aperitivo.So, it is best shared in good company with tasty snacks in hand.

Cipriani Peach Bellini

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