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Open a bottle. Open the world. Get Lost. 


Have you ever wanted to learn about wine, but don't know where to start? We can totally relate, as wine can be a seemingly intimidating subject - but it doesn't have to be! 


That's why we developed "Flight School" -  a set of comprehensive introductory courses  begining with wine 101, and following with a series of more in depth workshops that will focus on specific regions, styles + entertaining tips!  


This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about wine in a casual and fun environment in the company of great friends without any pressure or snobbery!  


In this special seminar, our flock will be traveling "Around The World" via 6 amazing wines from renowned, acclaimed, and cult followed winemaker Dave Phinney (You know - the Prisoner / Orin Swift guy?) -- deep diving into his "Locations" collection. 


Your host, owner of Little Birdie Wine Nest & certified sommelier Robin Keenan, and charismatic wine industry professional Chris Raymont of Superior Beverage will share their experience to help you gain more in-depth knowledge of all aspects of wine through this 2 hour educational, interactive workshop which includes curated study materials alongside 6 "Locations" wines from around the world, and a personal cheese + charcuterie plate for pairing + snacking!


As a special bonus - guests of this tasting will acquire an exclusive promo code for $10 off tickets to our "Orin Swift Luxury Wine Pairing" in October that is sure to sell out quickly! (Use the code SWIFTVIP after purchasing tickets to this tasting, to activate the $10 off when registering for the Orin Swift Luxury event)


Tickets are non-refundable once purchased, and sessions are exclusively limited to 30 guests. *Please let us know in the comment section of your order whom you would like to be seated with so we can make proper seating arrangments for your party.





In the world of wine there are compelling Locations that exist where soil, climate and vines interact to produce grapes that uniquely express their Location through wine. Our love of wine recognizes the nuances of time and place that combine and interact to represent location. These Locations exist individually within appellations of the new and old world, but are seldom combined across appellation, in the art of blending due to laws and restrictions that make it near impossible to express true winemaking freedom. 

In Champagne, across appellation blending is a time honored and respected tradition – a tried and true method for producing a premium and consistent wine that represents the best aspects of the Champagne region. Why can’t this concept be taken wider – across country? Why do the rules not allow this? Why are these rules accepted? 

But what if it could be done. What if one could blend across all of the major appellations, to produce a wine that represented a country of origin? What if one could do this across all of the major wine producing regions of the world. What if there were no rules? What if one had complete freedom to express whatever one believed. Could it be done? 




1. Locations "NZ" Sauvignon Blanc | New Zealand

2. Locations "F" Rose | France

3. Locations "F" Red | France

4. Locations "IT" Red | Italy

5. Locations "E" Red | Spain

6. Locatins "CA" Red | California

Flight School: "Around The World" | Dave Phinney's Locations (9/16 @ 6pm)

  • *Reservations Required: no walk-ins can be permitted on the night of the event. Reservations are for this date only, no transfers or credits will be permitted.

    *No substitutions - we cannot accomodate dietary restrictions or preferences for this event.

    *All purchases are final. Should a mandate be issued suspending the ability for dine-in services due to covid-19, all reservations will be converted to to-go kits with contactless pick up and a zoom code for a virtual session.

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