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Cozy up with us at The Little Birdie Wine Nest inside The Crafty Canary Creativity Corner for an evening of sipping & painting with your flock!


During this 2 hour "Sip & Create" workshop, our lovely local artist instructor will lead you step-by-step on how to create your very own work of art on a HUGE (18 inch) custom Mickey cut out - featuring the iconic Magic Castle against a faded blue night sky!


Working on this unique "canvas" and with easy to work with acrylic paints,  you'll learn a variety of beginner's painting techniques, creating depth + vibrancy with each new layer, but don't worry - everything will be expertly pre-sketched to ensure that it turns out perfectly!  As a finishing touch, you'll add a layer of sparkly glitter to your sky as your paint begins to dry!


Tickets are just $45/pp and are "all inclusive" - meaning that it covers all your tools, supplies & private instruction needed