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  • Ballard Canyan, California
  • 67% Roussanne + 33%  Chardonnay

    Tasting Notes: Like Santa Barbara’s most famous delicacy - urchin harvested off their Channel Islands - Stolpman's "Uni" white wine combines decadent richness with delicate precision. Golden Pineapple, white flowers, and Asian pear  are backed by a vein of tangerine citrus. Delightful fuzziness all over from the nose through the mouth. Fresh, crunchy acidity compliments the full bodied richness of the mid-palate and provides a titillating cut under the fleshy, cloudy textures. It is rare to find so much zest and energy in such a coating white wine!
  • Recommended Pairings: Sea Urchin of course! This wine somehow exactly matches sea urchin's unique vibrancy and creamy freshness. It playfully presents a bevy of citrus and exotic fruit combated by a clean streak of salinity, managing to nearly-perfectly complement the nuances of this elusive delicacy.

Stolpman Vineyards "Uni" White Blend

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