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Join us for a "Treasure Hunting" experience at Little Birdie Wine Nest as we taste through five of the fantastic micro-lot productions from one of our favorite wine suppliers - TREASURE HUNTER - with special guest Joanie Rumpeltes who is visiting Cleveland from Kitfox Vineyards itself! 



if you ever come across a bottle of wine with a Treasure Hunter label affixed to it ... buy it! Rest assured you are landing a rare find for a song.  But, snatch it up quickly because, when they're gone - they're GONE! 



On this special evening, we will be sampling 5 wines from the collection - 3 of which are "last chance" opportunities to stock up, and 2 of which are new! "Apropos" Cabernet Sauvignon hasn't even hit the market yet, and from what we are told about where it was secretly sourced from ... It wont be available long! You can also purchase a to-go kit for this tasting, and enjoy this wine journey at your liesure from the comfort of your home or with friends!


Tickets are just $25/pp and include a tasting of 5 wines and sommelier curated tasting notes!While we *highly (highly!)* recommed pre-purchasing tickets online so that you have a reserved table, if there is space left available you will be able to also casually