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These little spheres of joy are going viral on TikTok + Instagram, and are warming our hearts with the addicting experience they provide - making drinking a cozy mug of hot chocolate an entire activity this winter that's fun for the whole family!


Simply place one of our jumbo-sized handmade chocolate orbs into your mug, slowly pour a cup of steaming hot milk overtop, and watch in awe as the hard outer shell dissolves and out bursts a mix of delicous hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, sugar sprinkles + more sweet suprises!


Order & customize your bombs online, and then pick them up in-store at Little Birdie Wine Nest on the available date of your choosing! Plus, save big when purchasing multiple bombs with a special discount only available by pre-ordering online!


*Due to extreme demand, we cannot guarantee that we will have bombs available for a la carte purchases at the shop outside of online special orders - so place your order today to ensure you have them reserved in your name! 


Single (1) Bomb: $6.50

Four (4) Bombs:  $24.00

Six (6) Bombs: $33.00


Ages 21+ can even add a miniature bottle of Baileys Irish Creme (+$3) to their package, to make their cocoa BOOzy! 


Mix + Match your favorite winter flavors from the options below, listing the NUMBER associated with your choices in the custom text section below:


  • 1. Double Chocolate Fudge: milk chocolate shell, filled with cocoa mix, mallows + chocolate chunks inside, garnished with a dark chocolate drizzle.
  • 2. Red Velvet: red velvet shell, filled with cocoa mix, mallows + chocolate chunks, finished with a white chocolate drizzle & red sanding sugar.
  • 3. The Gingerbread Man: milk chocolate shell, filled with cocoa mix, mallows, and gingerbread syrup inside, garnished with a gingerbread man smiley face!
  • 4: Frosty The Snowman: white chocolate shell, filled with cocoa mix, extra mallows and chocolate chips inside, garnished with a snowman smiley face, complete with cute earmuffs! 
  • 5. The Grinch: white chocolate shell dyed grinch-green, cocoa mix, mallows + red heart sprinkles inside, garnished with green drizzle + a red chocolate heart on top.
  • 6. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha:  dark chocolate shell, mocha coffee mix, mallows & candy cane powder inside, garnished with a milk chocolate drizzle, candy cane pieces + chocolate covered espresso beans on top. *contains a small amount of coffee.


If you have any questions, please give us a call at 216-785-9922!


Winter Hot Cocoa Bombs

Out of Stock
  • I received an email that says "Your order is complete". Is my order ready for pick up?

    Not quite yet! You will first receive an automated "Your order is complete" notice, but this just means your online request went through.  

    When CAN I pick up my bombs?

    You may pick up your bombs on the date you registered for, or within that week during regular business hours of MON-SAT 8am-9pm.

    WHO can pick up my bombs?

    Anyone can stop by and pick up your order for you, as long as they have your name upon check-out.  If you have boozy bombs in your order, the person must be 21+. 

    What if I don't pick up my bombs on time?

    We do not have the storage space to hold them for longer than 1 week from the date you registered for.  We reserve the right, without refund, to cancel the order if they are not picked up. 

    If there are extenuating circumstances, give us a call at 216-785-9922 and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    How will my bombs be packaged?

    We will package all bomb orders individually in cellophane with ribbon.  We do have gift bags + boxes for sale in the shop if desired, but they are not included with your purchase.

    Do you offer shipping for the bombs?

    We are not offering shipping for our cocoa bombs at this time due to their delicate decorations and overall fragility. 

    What is the shelf life of a cocoa bomb?

    6+ months! Order early for Christmas gift giving and enjoyment all season long! 

    Can you modify the bombs to address allergies or dietary preferences?

    Sorry, not at this time!  None of the bombs are vegan, and selection #6 contains a small amount of coffee.

    What is your return/cancellation policy?

    All sales are final. These items are non-refundable or returnable.

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