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Balancing Flamingo Fitness Studio is taking flight off site EVERY FRIDAY for a beautiful summer evening yoga session in the woods!


Get back to nature with this class designed for all levels and every body! Outdoor classes add a different dimension to one's practice - and pares yoga down to it's original link with nautre. Yoga means "union" and when it is practiced outdoors - the union with nature, humanity and the universe is truly felt.

Our inspiring instructor will lead you on a 1 hour all-levels yoga journey amongst the trees, lush grass, songbirds + sunset.  We will begin with a short guided meditation and restorative posture to quiet the mind and slow the nervous system, providing an opportunity for reconnection with oneself and the gorgeous surroundings before beginning to flow slowly through the practice holding postures to cultivate strength, integration and alignment. Class will finish with gentle restorative poses encouraging harmony of our mind, body and spirit on and off the mat.


Be sure to dress appropriately for an outdoor class, bring your own mat, water, and practice safe social distancing throughout the event.   


Tickets are just $10/pp and can be purchased online, or by giving us a call at 216-785-9922 to secure your mat space prior to class. Walk-ins the night of the event are NOT permitted.


VIP Flock Members enjoy 10% off all special events! Enter the code "VIPFLOCKMEMBER" @ checkout to recieve your discount. Please only use this if you are a studio member with an active VIP pass...we will verify! ;) 

Namaste & Cheers!

Yoga in the Woods

  • This event is being held at: The soon-to-be New Birdie's Nest location adjacent to Westcreek Reservation Metroparks (Corner of Broadview & Ridgewood in Parma!) ***We will call you with a specific place to meet on the date of the event*** 

    Tickets MUST be pre-purchased, and everyone entering the farm needs their own ticket. Walk-ins the day of the event are NOT permitted.

    *You do not need "phsyical tickets" to gain entrance to this event, you will be automatically added to our guest list upon checkout.
    In the event of severely inclement weather, at the judgement of the studio, we will practice indoors at Balancing Flamingo Fitness Studio or this outdoor yoga class may be cancelled and transfers to alternate dates will be assigned.

    Beyond this circumstance - there are no refunds or transfers once tickets have been purchased.

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